About Our Logo

As our club adopts new branding this year, let us try and explain the logo. Here goes:

In the middle of a thick forest, where the habitat is just 1 inch tall, a lone lion majestically roars loudly and ferociously standing on one end of a bald strip, which is 22 yards long. At the other end a massive tiger watches the lion with a cold steely-eyed stare. Who would blink first the forest wonders?

One by one the other animals take sides as they sense something is about to erupt. After what seemed an eternal wait, the lion and tiger walk towards each other along the strip facing each other. The other animals get more and more anxious not knowing what to do or how to react.

The lion and tiger meet up and seem to rub their noses against each other and whisper and walk back slowly but majestically, to their respective ends. 

Two of our founder members must have watched this drama somehow and wanted to repeat it and this led to the first Cricket match.

HOWEVER……here’s the truth! 

A bunch of Indians (the national animal of India is the Tiger) living and working in England (the ‘Three Lions’) wanted to enjoy the beautiful sport that is Cricket but also wished to remind everyone of our attachments.

This led to the development of our logo! 

By the way, hats off to the two youngsters, Ria and Gautam Iyer who designed the logo totally by themselves… Respect!!