Social Events

Celebrating friendships

The club is based on the ethos of friendship and family. Social events organised by the club bring members and their families together to underpin this ethos and foster a sense of community and togetherness.

In the past, we have celebrated Mothers’ Day with loving tributes offered to the mums by the children (with a little help from the dads, of course)

We recently celebrated our success in our first outdoor season with an Awards Night that honoured not only the stellar performances of our team, but also various other achievements by the members that highlighted the humorous side of playing cricket.

We organise an annual pre-season party – “The Blue Balls Party” – which is eagerly anticipated and well-attended.

This year, our social calendar has already started filling up as we launch our very own Great Chef Cooking Contest that not only encourages wider participation in a fun based event but also helps the club raise much needed funds. More details are available here.

Several of our club members are running the Lincoln 10K in April on behalf of the club. All club members are encouraged to sponsor a runner as they work on their fitness before the cricket season.